The Dark Web Podcast, STAR WARS A New Hope special

September 16, 2018

this is the one I've been waiting for. This is the one where I talk about THE Star Wars, the original movie that started it all, literally. The entire geek culture of today centers around the coming of this classic film. Oh, but does it hold up today? Or have we been blinded by the nerd googles of nostalgia and hyperbole? Or is it truly a contender for GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME? Join THE RAT as he tries to answer that question while taking a stroll down memory lane to the dark times, before Disney, before the divisive PT saved the beloved franchise from fading into obscurity. It is, afterall, only a movie...right? other topics include the latest Twist on Big Brother 20. My thoughts on the Will Smith Netflix Blockbuster bright. and I finally get around to remembering what I could about Burt Reynolds.


Dark Web Podcast BIRTHDAY special

September 15, 2018

here it is as promised the birthday episode that I recorded last week when I turned 36. enjoy.


just a quick update on everything

September 12, 2018

I go over everything that happened over the weekend that prevented me from uploading my podcast I recap what happened on Big Brother last week. And I watch the movie bright on Netflix and give my preliminary thoughts. also I watched the movie Clue, I will be talking about that on the podcast.


MIni episode, mom was in ER.

September 9, 2018

Hi sorry for this episode guys. My mom was rushed to the hospital during the recording and I lost my train of thought. She was fine in the end so I finished recording the regular episode, I will try to get that uploaded tomorrow if at all possible. 


Thank you for understanding. I will also be getting the birthday episode uploaded soon too.


The Dark Web Podcast- Sept 1 2018- Revenge of the Sith, John McCain, esports, and more

September 2, 2018

I got through another episode talking about one of the infamous Star Wars prequels. This time I talked about Episode III Revenge of the Sith, probably the least controversial and easier of the trilogy to defend.

I give my thoughts on the passing of Senator John McCain, with a discussion on celebrity deaths versus cultural heroes. I dabble in the Aretha Franklin funeral, likey in a way to offend certain people.

I talked about Streets of Rage, the series and the upcoming Streets of Rage 4.

I also talk about esports and the shooting in Florida.

There is also a surprise topic that should be amusing to some listeners hopefully.



attack of the Clones!

August 25, 2018

and this episode I talk about Star Wars Episode 2 attack of the Clones. I recap this week's season of Big Brother season 20. And I talk about ready player one and the Meg.


another little mini episode update

August 20, 2018

this is just a quick update where I talk about a video project that I'm working on the project is done I'll be uploading it soon.


episode 1 The Phantom Menace plus Emuparadise

August 18, 2018

and this episode of the dark web podcast I talked about Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. I also talked about ROM sites such as Emuparadise being in trouble. And once again I touch on my current assessment of this season 20 of Big Brother.


Aug 15, 2018 22:06 just a quick update

August 15, 2018

hey everybody thanks for listening sorry for the delay in episodes it's been awhile I've got some more coming this is just a quick update so please listen kind of get an explanation for what's going on a preview for what's coming and I'll be back thanks for understanding.


The Dark Web Podcast 36 Marvel Movies every single one

July 29, 2018

This is it a return to form. I have two big topics and a very special guest interview this week.

First up I finally dig in and discuss my thoughts on each and every single one of the Marvel movies I have seen and brush over the handful I haven't seen.

I am not just discussing the Marvel Studios/Disney produced MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe (films) no sir you're going to get more than that out of me. This episode I start at the begining with the first X-Men film and go through each and ever single Marvel movie I have seen with brief reasons on why I haven't seen the ones I haven't.

I explain why I didn't start with Blade, mostly for 2 reasons 1, I have never seen any of them and 2, they're more like vampire movies. (also I tend to skip the lesser known movies and Blade was fairly unknown at that time)

After I go through all of them I get into a deep look at my relationship with the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and why those movies are so important to me.

Marvel movies I discuss (those featuring Marvel characters)

Blade Trilogy (verdict, never seen them burned on on Buffy at the time)

X-Men franchise (X-Men, X2, The Last Stand, First Class, Apocalypse, Days of Future Past)

Fantastic Four movies (original and Silver Surver, never seen the remake not interested)

Spider-Man trilogy (big fan defend each movie with most criticism thrown at 3)

Daredevil/Elekctra (I loved one hated the other)

Hulk/Incredible Hulk (seen one but not the other)

Punisher duo (possibly controversial opinion)

Ghost Rider movies (not a fan, not seen no interest)

Wolverine movies (seen 2 of the three, find out which ones and which one I despise the most)

Deadpool (haven't seen, not because of lack of interest just not gotten around to it yet)

Iron Man Trilogy (I liked one, disliked one, thought one was a complete waste of time/money)

Captain America (I'm going to stir the fanboys but I really dislike this character so much)

Thor (Seen 2 of the three liked one disliked one no interest in the other one)

Blackpanther (no interest in seeing this read the graphic novel not a fan)

Ant Man films (no interest in seeing either of these don't care for third tier characters)

Avengers (Loved the two our of three I have seen still waiting to see the 3rd)

Guardians of the Galaxy (loved these movies almost as much maybe more than recent Star Wars movies)

Amazing Spiderman/Homecomng (I've seen 4 of the 7 Spider-Man films, explain why I've had enough)


A Nightmare on Elm Street

It all started at a very young age. As a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast I watched my first D&D fantasy inspired quest on film in the form of the Dream Warrios. This fantasy/horror movie about a group of teenagers fighting a powerful monster in a fantasy world using their super powers (Elfen Mage, Barbarian Fighter, Rogue Punk Rocker, acrobatic Psychic , sage-like mentor, muted monk, Bard and the craftsman) all trapped in the dungeon hoping to survive their life or death quest.

I then continue my show with a pre-recorded interview I did a few weeks ago with a film maker named Kyle Hester who discusses his new project, Preacher Six.


I end the show with a Week 4 recap/summary of the events on Big Brother 20. Spoilers, the hippie got sent packing.


This was a little longer than a typical episode. I hope this makes up for cancelling the Daily Show. Thanks for listening, please subscribe and I will be back next week.

Welcome to The Spiders Lair, where Chaos resides.