s2e11- Aunt Becky, PewDiePie, Jim Carry movies and my Boy Meets World series review!

March 18, 2019

I finally did it. I got through the entire series of Boy Meets World. I talk about all the little things I noticed some for the first time. Oh no! Aunt Becky from Full House is in the news, guess I better use this opportunity to rag on that show. What, the hell, is a PewDiePie and why is it in the news? Oh right well find out inside. I also discuss all the best early Jim Carry movies from the 90s. Toy memories: Who here had a TMNT Technodrome as a kid? Answer, THERAT and I share my thoughts on it and other Ninja Turtle stuff.

s2e10- Luke Perry, hacky sack & pog memories, Aladdin remake, Beetlejuice and more!

March 10, 2019

in this episode of the dark web podcast the rat talks about the passing of two 90s icons this last week. other topics include 90s memories involving Marvel Comics, trading cards, frisbee golf, pogs, hacky sack, and video games! also contemplate which cartoons from the 80s and 90s should get the live-action treatment that haven't yet done so. the question is asked which of the iconic Michael Keaton movies was best and Star Wars Solo movie thoughts.

S2e9- Hulk Hogan flick, Gremlins on TV, Pokemon Sword and shield and more!

March 5, 2019

Here you go friends, a couple of days late I know but life got in the way again.

It's another exciting episode of The Dark Web Podcast where THE RAT talks about Gremlins animated TV series, Hulk Hogan getting a movie, a new Pokemon game oh yeah and forgotten TV shows?!

Be sure to visit The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides, often to get the scoop on all things going on inside the insanity THE RAT calls his twisted mind. Stay Cool.

S2E8- EPISODE 100! YouTube controversies, 90s ooze craze, How to Train a Dragon sequel and more

February 26, 2019

This episode has special guests and topics.


Several awesome topics this week. Extra long episode due to several guests appearances.

Up-and-Coming Spokane, Washington area rapper T-23 makes an appearance to discuss his music projects. THE RAT invited several friends and former colleagues to discuss Jackpot memories.

I went to see a movie this weekend with the extended family, we all took up the entire back row all 18 seats! The movie was the new How to Train Your Dragon flick. I had thoughts and comments.

YouTube attracting some unsavory folks in the comments? Oh THE RAT is pissed about that. Are people over, or under, reacting to this news?

Something about 90s gooey toys like the infamous Nickelodeon gak and other goop. It's going to be a sticky topic.

I also talk about Reggie Fils-Aime leaving Nintendo! I have thoughts. I recorded this episode over the course of two weeks so forgive me if I can't remember everything I talked about, it's damn near 3 hours long, ENJOY!

s2e7- Nick reviving All That, FF7 on Switch, NASA rover and Deadmou5

February 18, 2019

In this episode of the Dark Web Podcast I talk about Deadmau5 getting banned from Twitch. I talked about the Mars Opportunity Rover being dead. I talked about my favorite Nickelodeon live-action TV shows related to the new All That revival. I talked about Final Fantasy 7 coming to Nintendo Switch. I also talked about a retro Girl Meets World episode featuring an appearance from Shawn Hunter.

Valentine’s Day 2019 bonus episode

February 14, 2019

I talked about Rainbow Brite Sailor Moon in Care Bears. and then I'll share some favorite Valentine's Day memories. I also talked about some of my past dating memories sort of ish. and I tell some of my favorite romantic movies and some of my favorite romantic songs Happy Valentine's Day

s2e6- National Pizza day! retro 80s extravaganza! and Xbox Live on switch?

February 10, 2019

in this episode of the dark web podcast I asked the question what the hell is Xbox Live going to do on the Nintendo switch. I talked about National Pizza day and recall some of my favorite pizza delivery memories. I share a ton of retro 80s thoughts and memories movies video games toys and the like inspired by a magazine I recently picked up. I will talk a little bit about the TV show Boy Meets World.

S2 E5 Choir memories, Nintendo perils, mobile Dr Mario, Coolio legacy and more!

February 4, 2019

What the hell are you doing watching that stupid football game? Huh? Why not get some actual entertainment with this week's episode of The Dark Web Podcast right here on The Spiders Lair, Where CHAOS resides! Yes friends this is the episode where I talk about Groundhog Day, Nintendo making another damn mobile game, more NES woes, and I ask the question what the hell was Coolio? Was he gangsta rap, G-Funk, straight hip hop or something in between. More importantly what was his legacy and the role he played in spreading rap music to the white masses? Find out this AND MORE in this exciting episode right here, right now! Also choir memories to go with those band memories from last week. Yes sir the nerds have a new show to congregate to and I promise it gets better each week. Stay cool.

S2E4 M-Rated Nintendo Games, ST:TNG, marching band memories

January 27, 2019

in this episode of the dark web podcast that talks about m-rated Nintendo games, Chiefs blowing their shot at the Super Bowl, Star Trek the Next Generation B.S., why collecting CDs and DVDs can be both good and bad.

S2E3 Machinima dead? Ghostbusters 3 happening? Unsolved Mysteries and more!

January 20, 2019

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Dark Web Podcast here at The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides. Topics include Machinima mcn dead? Possible Ghostbusters 3?! Oh and Netflix trying to revive Unsolved Mysteries and more. Stay Cool.